Founded in 1994, ARTISTIC LICENSE DESIGN INC. is a small, innovative interior design & project management consulting firm in the Vancouver, B.C. (Canada) area. Our team has successfully completed millions—yes, millions—of square feet of residential and commercial space—and now we’ve arrived at the fun stage: we don’t have to work; we like to work. We wouldn’t still be doing it if we weren’t passionate about it. 

We might be celebrating our 30th anniversary but some things remain the same: we’re still obsessed with good design, happy clients, and quality control. This win/win approach gives our clients a committed, nimble and consistent team throughout the project, and gives us flexibility and creative freedom. 

We want to work with great clients, just like you want to work with great design professionals. We only accept projects we’re excited about and can deliver with excellence, so you’ll always have an enthusiastic team who cares about your project as much as you do. Sound like a good fit? Get in touch.

our rates

We’re a consulting firm only to ensure we have the freedom to choose contractors and suppliers based on our clients’ best interests, so we’re not affiliated with any industry-related firms or suppliers. 

Our rates are competitive across the industry and can be quoted hourly or per project, subject to our clients’ needs. We forecast our fees in writing before you commit, based on a detailed Scope of Work specific to your project, and all changes are subject to your prior approval, so you’re informed and involved every step of the way.


our people

You’re interested in who we are, but after 30 years in business, it’s more about who we’ve been over the years. Andrea is founder & principal, but many other talented people have and continue to contribute to the cause. A few examples of our collective work are shown in our GALLERY.

Although the university degrees and industry affiliations may vary according to discipline, our entire team is professionally accredited, accomplished and experienced—and sure, some have a few more credentials than others, but some do a better cha cha, so it all works out.

What’s more important is that our award-winning team has been around a long time. We know what works, what doesn’t, and we know why. And we’ll tell you the truth. We also know building codes & regulations; local industry specifics; proven construction methods & procedures; reputable trades & suppliers; energy efficiency & environmental sustainability, and how to integrate kindness and the human element into everything from the use of natural light to life safety systems. We also have a loyal client base: 98% of our work is for returning clients or through their referral.

Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll introduce you to the specific design professionals who will be engaged in your project, from start to finish.


Sure, we have phones, social media, blah blah blah, but if you want to get in touch fast? Email. Want a quick answer to a complex question? Email. Want to know our deepest, darkest secrets? That takes a conversation and a reasonably good bottle of wine, which you can arrange by—you guessed it—email. 

Reach out to us If we don’t respond within two business days, the wine is on us.